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Rank 2

Dark One's Light
KeywordsAttack, Ranged
When this spell is cast it causes a Dark Radiance to gather about the White Order Mage, who may then strike a single target up to 10+Level strides away with it. The target takes D10+2 damage, and will be knocked down by the force if he fails a roll of Phys resisted by 11.
Blood+2 strides range or +1 damage and +2 resistance per blood level.

Rank 4

Curse of the Dark One
This magic brings a blight upon the Village or Tribe that the Mage casts it upon, affecting a community up to 4 times his level in number. All of its members must roll Phys resisted by 15 or be sick for weeks, a fumble meaning death if nothing else is done. Crdlu sicken and die, water sources dry up, and crops wither. The Curse will remove any survival blessing in force on the same area. Once made even the White Order Mage cannot lift the curse, but the Black Order Life Giver spell negates it. Note that the Corruption gained from casting this spell is permanent.
Blood+1 person per blood level, blood level Corruption is not permanent