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Crop Blessing
This spell allows the Cleric to infuse growing crops with the energy of the earth spirits, so that they better resist the difficult conditions of drought, sun and cold. It is in many ways a lesser version of the Red Order Sun's Blessing (though it affects only plants). To cast the spell the Cleric must walk the boundaries of the affected fields or plants, casting bonemeal (made from Keldian bones) onto the earth. Through this the attention of the Earth Spirits is drawn. The plants affected have a +2 bonus on Survival or Farming rolls made by those who tend them until the current crop is harvested, after which the ritual must be repeated. If the bone dust used is not drawn from the body of a Keldian who lived on the lands affected, raise the difficulty by 5.

Each use of the Crop Blessing can affect up to 1 field (100 paces square), of land.