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Rank 3

Children of Shadow

From the Dark Lands come many creatures that the Black Order Mages may draw upon. These creatures, Night Bats, Night Goblins, Giant Crabs and Crayfish and Iron Ravens, will answer the call of this spell and descend into the Twilight lands to do as the Mage bids, save that it threaten certain death. These creatures will not, however, venture into the Bright Lands, save during the Passing, and then only the Iron Ravens and Night Bats will go very far. Roll as follows to determine what answers the call.

D10 Creature
1-2 Soror
3-5 Night Bat
6 Cambarid (Red)
7-8 Cambarid (Yellow)
9-10 Iron Raven

The creatures serve the Mage for up to 10 minutes per level.

A Mage of at least 6th level may cast the spell at a higher power. This version has Difficulty -16 and Fatigue 12, and takes 10 hours to cast. When the summoned creature arrives the Mage may make an opposed Intelligence vs. Spirit roll with the creature. If the Mage wins then the creature is bound to the Mage, who must pay one permanent Health, if the Mage fails then the creature will attack them instead. A bound creature is like one tamed by a Beastmaster. It will accompany the Mage, even into the bright lands, and will obey his general orders at their normal Intelligence.

powerFor each extra two power levels, at 5 minutes per level, roll again