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Rank 2

KeywordsAttack, Control
The Earth Cleric begins a chant, a slow deep song of the ancestors. Any who hear the song must make a Spirit roll resisted by the Cleric's Presence. If they fail they will nod off to sleep, only to awaken naturally a few minutes after the song ends. Most people affected will sleep only lightly, and will be awoken by loud noises (make unresisted Stealth rolls to pass them by). Anyone who rolls more than one failure falls into a deeper slumber, and can be awoken only by vigorous shaking (or being attacked). The Cleric can continue to chant beyond the time needed to send the targets to sleep, maintaining the sleep, but any new person entering the area will be similarly effected. Note that the Cleric's companions are similarly affected. Only the Cleric is immune.

Rank 3

End Enchantment
This spell allows a Mage to attempt to overcome an enchantment cast by another Mage, such as a ward, barrier, summoning and so forth. If the Mage succeeds fully then the other spell is nullified, otherwise it may be simply temporally suppressed or even unaffected. When this spell is cast work out by how much the spell roll succeeded. If this beats twice the level of the target enchantment +1 it is dispelled, otherwise if it beats the level +1 the target spell is suppressed for 5 minutes. If the roll fails to succeed by the level of the target spell +1 then nothing happens.
power+1 effective power per Power Level