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Rank 1

Blessing of Water

This spell allows the Black Cloak to control the flow of life-giving waters to the plants around him, blessing or cursing them. The Mage stands in the center of an area of plants and summons power, before unleashing it for one of the following two effects:

The plants around the Mage are blessed, their growth enhanced. The plants effected will grow well and strong over the following cycles, improving the quality of the next harvest. It has little immediate benefit however unless the Mage takes a burden in which case the plant growth is more rapid, with benefits appearing in days. A community dependent on blessed crops gain +3 Survival when the crops are used.
The plants around the Mage have the waters sucked from them, and wither and die. This effect starts immediately, but the consequences are unlikely to be felt for days, or cycles in the case of the largest plants such as trees. A community dependent on cursed crops gains a -3 Survival penalty.

The maximum area affected by the spell is an area of 10 Legats Square for each level of the casting Mage. The effects of Blessing of Water can be reversed by Crop Touch.

power+10 square Legats affected per Power Level