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The Black Pits
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This strange feature lies to the Turnwards of Ningaur's Steps, between Sirara and Der-Maki. Amidst a stony plain lie a series of depressions in which lakes of black tar well up. These expanses of shimmering hot tar are deadly to animals the venture close, scalding them with noxious steam, or collapsing under their weight and enclosing them in pitch. Some attempts have been made by both Derzak and Nistray to mine the tar in the past, and a scatter of abandoned buildings, little more than shells of rough stone and dried cactus, are found near the pools.

Exposure to the fumes from the pools for more than a few minutes inflicts fatigue. Any exposed person must make a Physical roll resisted by a 14, taking the margin of failure in fatigue. Roll again every quarter of an hour.