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The town of Darkin is one of the principal administrative hubs of Nistray's Scion lands. Located about 10 days Nightwards and Turnwards of Wind's Canyon, and a Cycle Daywards of Last Home, Darkin is located in the midst of a fertile plain that is solidly cultivated and dotted with smaller villages and farms.

The town is located on a gentle rise in the middle of cornfields and cattle routes. Tall walls of mud-bricks and tapering square towers supported by wooden beams soar over the dusty grass, it has the clear look of a fortress, and any approaching traveller will be spotted by archers on the walls long before they reach either of the four gates. Inside the walls the town is a close-packed warren of passages, high-sided lanes, tunnels and caves that spiral down into the cooler earth. Narrow light-wells allow the sun to shine into Satvan-like shrines to Ningaur, but most of the town is always in semi-darkness. Covered Qanats funnel water from nearby bare stone flats into the town, where it is drawn up in well houses.