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Five Stones
KeywordsFarming, Spring
Five Stones is a moderately sized farming village set into the fertile farmlands of Darkin, about a day's walk to Turnwards of the town. The town gets it's name from five large white stones, some sort of milky quartz, that thrust in a rough line from the earth of a ridge at the town's entrance. An ancient and low stone door at the base of the largest stone opens into a cave shot through with the same mineral where water collects.

Although Five Stones is firmly in land claimed by Nistray it is also the site of the largest Satvan in the Darkin area, which opens on the far side of the cave of the spring, drawing light that filters through the white stone. Tribesmen will often stop by Five Stones on their way to Darkin to take a blessing at the Satvan.
Meerok is the principal town of Derzak's Sword Coast holdings, a swath of farmlands on the Sunwards plateau of the One River well to the Turnwards of Nistray. Protected from the worst of the sandstorms by the Ahzkuun shieldlands, and given access to shipping through Sword Landing this is a generally quiet area, that conducts some trade with Nistran villages further to the Counter-turn and keeps an eye on Chald to the Nightwards.

Meerok's principal function is administrative, serving as a base location for Derzaki Clerks, Mages and Bonded Ones to oversee the scattered farms and holdings. Many of the farmers here are ex-soldiers, granted land on the Sword Coast as a reward for military service. This lends Meerok a roudy air, full of places where old soldiers come to drink and reminisce about past campaigns. It also means that crippled Keldians are a surprisingly common sight on the town's streets.

Meerok is built on a slope overlooking a wide wash through which water flows after rain. There is often a trickle of water here amongst the drying mud even when rain is long overdue, and Meeroki children are normally handed the duty of risking the mud to fetch water, or set to hunting the Striv that burrow everywhere in the wash. The town itself is mostly built from rough stone cleared from the fields and plastered with river mud. Higher status buildings are painted with ochre in varying shades.
RegionLast Home
Sirara is a thriving farming community set amongst the Dust Slopes near to Last Home. It is surrounded by a patchwork of stepped fields, bright bands of corn and chilli, dotted with Kail trees and dust slope blooms. The central village clusters around terracotta pipes where water channelled from nearby springs is drawn for drinking and irrigation. The largest buildings are quite grand, the stucco walls brightly painted, while smaller houses are scattered through the fields.

Sirara sits close to Ningaur's Steps, which is at this point a wide and irregularly paved avenue of ancient manufacture that runs between low stone walls down towards the Twilight forests, which are easily visible from Sirara. Dirt paths wind through the stepped fields, running from the avenue past small houses. Order Magi from Last Home visit Sirara once a year to renew it's warding spells.