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Amora Village
Amora Village is a small settlement in the second Aed of Ur. Situated in the midst of the Twilight Jungle, Amora is a typical collection of ten or so families spread through a small area of forest. It's only significant feature is it's proximity to an Ancient ruin, in the form of a strange pair of winged bull statues surmounting a stone platform. Amora is connected to the main channel Darkwards of Ur by a smaller tributary that leads to the first Aed near Nugtown.
Awan Tower
Awan Tower is an isolated fortification that watches over Ningaur's Steps a little way Daywards from the border between Darkin and Last Home. A single stone tower set amongst fingers of grey stone overlooks the road. A small garrison of troops from Darkin is stationed here under the command of an Ugulagesh.