Hans' Diary : Edinburgh (1)


Here I am arriving in Edinburgh, many days late! I had been delayed by unexpected transport problems the whole way, and ended up having to take this provincial railway track to actually get to Hituro's house! Not an inspiring start to my visit!

As I got off the train and dumped my baggage of the ground I wondered where everyone was. Maybe I was so late that no one knew where to find me?

Luckily I needn't have worried. Walking through the woods from the rail tracks I spied a huge castle looking rather like an overgrown wedding cake. No sooner had I been spied by the alert guards than they hurried to gather all nobles and dignitaries so that they could give me a proper welcome.

It seems that they had been waiting for me for weeks, and were getting pretty worried about my whereabouts! They needn't have fretted, after all, I am Hans P. Beck, explorer extrordinaire. After the wilds of the American west, not to mention the dangers of Europe, what sort of harm could come to me in Scotland?

Here I am being introduced to the assembled klickies, and to some of the local dignitaries. I'm not sure who the bloke in the hood is, some sort of guru I think.

Imagine my surprise though, when I was introduced to this fine gentleman!

Apparently this chap is known as Heinz, a relative of mine from Germany. Quite a dashing looking guy, even if I do say so myself, though he lacks a little of that rugged charm that makes me unique.

Heinz introduced me to a nice man by the name of The Archpriest, who said he had a mission for me. Well I am always up for a bit of adventure (as you know) so I asked him to tell me more. He showed me a scroll with a picture of a cup of some sort, which he said was very important indeed.

The Archpriest told me that the chalice was hidden in a place called Roslyn chapel. I'd heard of the place, they say that it was built to look just like the Holy of Holys in Jerusalem ... definitly the sort of mystical place I thrive!

Naturally I agreed to help him out ...

"Well if your going" said Heinz "then count me in as well!"

I took him up on the offer ... especially when he told me that we could take his car ...

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