The Tourney

Use of Armour

Its assumed that all Knights wear armour (wouldn't you) of somne sort, but its possible to buy yourself better armour from the Forge. Better armour allows you to make an Armour test to try and stop yourself from being hurt.

If you are hit in combat you may make an Armour Test. Roll one dice and add the rating of your armour (see below). If the result is a critical or greater than 4 then you have made the armour save and the damage you take is reduced by one point. If the result is a fumble then the armour is damaged.

The Armour ratings are as follows

Armour Rating
Heavy Armour 2
Light Armour 1
Damaged Heavy Armour 1
Damaged Light Armour 0

If you are wearing Heavy Armour then your rolls to stand up (see the Foot Combat Rules) are at -1.