General & News

Playmoboard (playmoboy)
The net's only Playmobil discussion forum, and undoubtably the place to go to meet other Playmobil fans and collectors, ask questions, talk about sets, advertise photo-stories and keep up on Playmobil news. Playmoboard is freindly, well run, and a vital part of the Playmo-colelctor's community.
Collectobil (collectobart)
The top Playmobil collectors site on the web. Collectobil has topical news, a massive Catologue of Playmobil sets, interviews with the creator of Playmobil, articles on Playmobil's history, photographs of the fun parks and much more.

Playmobil Customising

GardenWargaming is the most well known site with information on Playmobil customising. Recently revised and revamped to include far more material and new navigation to solve some previous navigation problems this is now the jewel in the crown of Playmobil gaming sites.
GardenWargaming is a mixture of many playmobil elements, mostly to do with customising, and the use of klickies in wargames. Contains many fantastic customisations done by other people, as well as lots of information on Pirates, but has difficult to use navigation.

Photo-Stories and other Playmo-art

Just For Klicks
This wonderful photo-story is an ongoing collabouration between Krystal and David De Warrens, and has some of the best playmo photography around.
A Tarot set made from Playmobil, a beautiful work of art, well worth the visit.
A great set of medieval photo-stories based in the world of Sauvage. Especially good is the second series, the stories of Benedict the monk.
Andy Gets Unemployed (ageowns)
An exceptionally funny photo story. Nothing makes me laugh like some of the items here, and there is a lot of it to look at as well. Highly recommended.
Blairmobil (ageowns)
Not the biggest of photo-sites, but a very stylish take on the Blair Witch Project, with some truly convincing looking figures. (Age Owns Productions)
An interesting German site, a little bit of artwork and some stuff for sale, perhaps the best element is the fantastic collection of shield images to be found in the viking smithy.

Most of this site would qualify as a Collection and Index, this all changes when you find the wonderful Playmobil icons! These icons are available in formats suitable for both Windows and Macintosh computers and are the perfect desktop additions for serious Playmofans. The whole site is done in Flash and is very slick.


Collections and Indexes

Playkingdoms (tahra and krystal)
This is a top collection based site. As well as a lot of details on the collections of its creators it has a library and museum full of spotlights on particular playmobil items, such as weapons and the easter eggs. There is a lot of information on Playkingdoms, and its run by great people.
Playmobil Slammershop
The Slammershop is part shop, part collection index. It has a huge ammount of information on Playmobil sets and accessories such as keychains and so forth. It also has a lot of images of Playmobil instruction sheets, which makes it very popular.


This site is in a class of its own, a combination of online game, photo-story, and collection images. This site uses Flash to put you into the middle of various playmo-worlds. You can wander them, talk to inhabitants, and collect objects to fulfil goals. Its an incredible work, but suffers from very slow speed and its reliance on Flash.
Playfans (playmoliver)
Playfans is a very varied site. It has photo-stories, galleries, collection art, trips to fun parks and so on. Its only let down by difficult navigation, but it is frequently undated.