Misc Customs

Red Framework House

This is a custom house inspired by Valkyrie from the playmoboard, who very kindly lent me the spray paint I used. This house is simply made by prising the white parts out of each framework wall and then spraying them. Once they are dry they are snapped back together and there you are. Its a simple alternative to the rare old houses, but it only took 10 minutes.

Medieval Bed

This is a Medieval bed, created for a castle. The mattress was made by my wife Victoria. The bed is a simple construct of plasticard that is then painted brown. Designs of fantastic animals are then painted on top of the base coat with acrylic.

Head in a Ball

When I found a small plastic ball in a lot of Kinder Egg parts for some reason I thought at once of a head in a ball! To make this I sawed the head off a klicky, and then sanded down the top where the hair was. I used milliput to fill in the holes and then made an exposed brain where the hair was. Finally I painted all of this.