The Winged Lion

A discussion of fantastic beasts on the Playmoboard led to the idea of making a winged Lion. This is a mythical beast without a specific name, a little like a Gryphon, but without the head and foreparts of an eagle. If it stood on its hind legs it would be a Pazzuzu, a creature said to have plagued the Crusaders.

The Lion is based on the female Lion figure with the wings from a Vulture. The Vulture wings don't really fit on the Lion body, so they had to be ground down a lot and then attached with glue. After the wings were on I built around them with milliput in the shape of feathers, and then painted them to give them more of a brown colour. Finally I added spots to the rest of the Lion to give it a more variagated apperance.

Here is a view from the side

Winged Lion from the side

Here is a view from the top

Winged Lion from the top

This last, and sadly not so good, picture, shows the underside of the wings, and the feather effect there. This did not come out so well, and should probably have been darker.

Winged Lion from the bottom