The Cardinal's House : Gargoyles

Along the top of the Cardinal's House sit a row of menacing Gargoyles. These pieces have attracted the most attention out of the whole house, and are a great addition to any castle. Each Gargoyle is made on one of the corner posts used in the crenaltaions. They are constructed from milliput and sculpted based on Gargolyes on Notre Damme. After they have hardened they are painted grey. There are only three gargoyles so far because they each took an hour or more to make.


Gargoyle Man

This Man has been caught a little short and looks quite happy to have found a corner. Maybe has had a little too much to drink?


Gargoyle Goat

This rather angry goat .... or is he a devil, grasps the adjacent walls with clawed feet. He looks like he might be about to jump down on anyone below.


Gargoyle Crow

Unlike the other two gargoyles this crow (if that's what it is) is designed to go in the middle of a wall rather than at the corners. As this was the first I made I didn't really think that much about the location of the waterspout.