Personalities of Scarra

 Satrap Han Xing

 (ally * noble)

Han Xing is the Satrap of Xian Shan province, and the most powerful man in the whole of that region of Scarra. The Satrap is the third generation of his family to rule in the province and is interested in securing his power and the power of his line, making his region more significant in Scarra as a whole.

 Tribune Gladius Sorbius

(ally * military)

The Tribue is the second most powerful man in Xian Shan, and the lord of 7 legions, a not insignificant part of Scarra's military might. He is a practical man, not much interested in politics but a strong suporter of Han Xing.

 Lord Ee Yan

(ally * military)

This is the military lord of the pass at the Telidan Scarran border. He is an honourable man and made us very welcome in his town.

 Lord Tamashio Oyun

(enemy * military * noble)

Lord Oyun is a mercenary captain in charge of the Whispering Seahorses mercenary company. We believe that he is the 'secret' force that the King of the Southlands planed to use to help take Telida. After we recovered the magical ship for lord Han Xing we think that Gladius Sorbius wiped out or scattered the Seahorses.

Lord Min An

(ally * noble * trader)

Lord Min An is a strong suporter of Han Xing and almost certainlyone of the choice few who will benifit from his exlusive trade deal with telida if it is signed. Lord Min An threw a large party and gave us a costly jade gift as a sign of his frinedship.

 Lord Choi He

(enemy * noble * trader)

Almost the opposite of Min An, Choi He is an ex imperial courtier with many conenctions who does not like Han Xing. Choi He would probably be cut out in the event of a Telidan trading deal and so is eager to stop us. He was probably behind the assasination attempt on us. Choi He prefers men over women, which led his first wife to take pavel to bed to embaress Choi He.

 Lord Yorimoto

(enemy * noble)

We know very little of this man, save that we encoutered his retinue at a bridge while crossing Xian Shen province. He is accounted to be a boorish and unliked man, but has some connection to Tamashio Oyun.

 Minor Functionary 1st Order Li Min


Li Min is almost certainly a strong personal enemy of Telida. He kept us waiting 3 days to see him, feignign illness, and clearly had no interest in passing us to his superior. However his blocking was circumvented by a direct invitation from Gladius Sorbius.

 Minor Functionary 2nd Order Bo Tran


An Old Thin man who was failty neutral to us Bo Tran passed us on to Li Min with speed.

 Minor Functionary 3rd Order Shao Sen


A fat man, an ally of the satrap who we mistakened for an enemy, presuming his demand of an early morning appointment the night after Min An's party was a ploy when in fact he had hoped we could see both him and Bo Tran in one day to speed things up.

 Minor Functionary 4th Order Su Yen


Another cordial functionary who talked over with us matters of trade and military.

 Minor Functionary 5th Order Ling Chi


The first functionary to meet us at Han Xing's court, Li Min was cordial and interested in hearing of trade agreements.

 San Ri Min

(ally * mentor * monk)

San Ri Min is a very mad and very skilled old man who lives in the hills above Xian Shan city. He specialises in kicks and is partly teaching Tai Pan En. He lives in a small hut painted in the brightest of reds and makes faces at visitors. He requires a gift from you on your arrival.

 Ming Un

(enemy * military)

This was the champion of Lord Yorimoto who tai Pan En defeated in a duel at a bridge.