Voyage to Fire Isle 2

As I slowly drift through the air I contemplate the possibility that this is a message from almighty Slumbor, who might well be telling me something in his own curious way. As I muse I look down and see a very odd sight from my vantage point of celestial wisdom, what looks like a medium sized campfire jogging down the hill towards where we left Sir Pavel and Father Alex. Meanwhile Father Alex and Sir Pavel see it coming and are unsure what to do.

Wait to you see the whites of its ... fire - Sir Pavel

They hurriedly debate about what to do as it speeds down the hill and finally come to a well thought out decision.

Oh fuck it, shoot it! - Sir Pavel

They shoot the thing with their crossbows, killing it but also destroying their enchanted bolts. I then descend, Buddha like, and tell them of what transpired above. We conclude that the fire must have been a messenger of some sort, and I insist that we must go and rescue Kazir at once, because anything could have happened to him up there. Deciding that we needed to scout the place first Father Alex contact Griffon with his mind magics and Griffon joined us, taking over the mind of a passing seagull to scout the upper temple.

Griffon finds nothing moving up top, and no sign even of our packs, but flying underneath finds Kazir tied naked to the hanging alter with a chanting priest kneeling behind him! (An interesting picture as I am sure will agree). We agree that he probably does need rescuing and I point out that given a vantage on the temple I can turn him into air and thus make him immune to harm. Quickly we form the rest of a plan and rush up the hill, Sir Pavel in front, with Griffon waiting above.

The Fire Shrine - Second Attempt

I quickly get up to the temple roof and along to the balcony, from where, Slumbor be praised, I successfully manage to turn Kazir into air. Following my enlightened plan Griffon then swoops down with folded wings and knocks the priest on the block into the volcano he so loves. At the same time I cast my apport spell which, with Slumbor's exceeding blessing, works so well that I waft Kazir onto the roof of the temple in seconds. Meanwhile Sir Pavel and Father Alex perform a daring frontal assault on the building, rushing into the central room to find 2 priestesses, 2 priests, 1 fire creature and a terrifying array of fireballs awaiting them!

Sir Pavel and Father Alex launch a volley of spears, axes and crossbow bolts that down one each of priests and priestesses, one being flung off into the abyss below (taking another crossbow bolt unfortunately). The second wave launch their fireballs, singing Father Alex. Unfortunately this plus the elemental's fiery sword puts Sir Pavel on the ground, leaving just Father Alex to face the spirit!

While Griffon goes to see to Kazir and I summon lighting before I enter, Father Alex proceeds to beat seven shades of hell out of the fire spirit.

Unfortunately, fate as Slumbor determines it being what it is, although Sir Pavel manages to get up again the remaining mage nearly incinerates him with a flaming staff and proceeds to start to lash Father Alex with it. I run in, my lighting failing to harm the Fire creature just before Father Alex kills it, and then help him with the priest. I kick him but he dodges and singes me, and then feints, throwing Father Alex against the wall. Now we have two blazing party members and a live priest! Griffon manages to swoop into the chamber and regain human form and runs for a tapestry to put Sir Pavel out, but I manage to leap forward, extinguishing Sir Pavel with one hand and crushing the priest's chest with the other foot.

Our foes destroyed Griffon heals the wounded and Father Alex and Sir Pavel join Kazir in near nakedness. (What to do with three naked warriors the scriptures ask) Father Alex and Sir Pavel have lost only clothing and some potions while Kazir has lost all his armour. Quickly they dress in Fire Priest robes, aware that reinforcements may be coming. In the process we see Kazir's shameful secret... and his carefully concealed Black Panther tattoos. Then we torch the whole place, chucking the bodies into the caldera.

You know they are all just going to come back as lava zombies later - Tai Pan En

Camping and so forth

We take the remaining survivor, one of the priestesses, with us, and hurry down to the woods, ready to ambush any small patrol going up and try and bluff our way by any larger one. We wait a while, but no one appears, so we decide to recover the horn from the ledge where Griffon left it and hide it under a bush he grows. Then we set a camp, determining that, since lots of people seem to use the temple by day but not by night, that is the best time to attack it. Hopefully no one will find out about the dammed shrine before tomorrow!

Back in camp Father Alex attempts to grill the prisoner, unfortunately she tries to do it herself with a fireball and in an attempt to stop her Father Alex knocks her out. Unfortunately Sir Pavel kills her.

Meanwhile Kazir attempts to extract a promise from us all not to tell anyone else about his tattoos. I assure him that all such things are held in trust by the Priests of Slumbor. Father Alex also gives his promise.... eventually

as does Griffon. Finally Griffon goes out hunting and gets us a Komodo dragon, which I cook and spice with spices from Yog Jakart.

Its just like those lizards on a stick... except bigger and not on a stick - Griffon