Master Ping

It seems that almighty Slumbor plans to have his revenge for my indescretions mentioned to you in my letter of the 1st June. I have rescued a beautiful and intelligent woman from horrible imprisonment who wants to be my wife. She is clever and grasps quickly the ways of Slumbor and will make an excellent follower, and I am intregued by her clever mind.

He who judges by the cover shall be caught in the spine

Yet this poor woman has been terribly tortured by her inhuman captives, and her eyes and tongue put out! Am I to hope that this will give her wisdom as it did the blessed Sufi Karranalla? I try my hardest to obtain healing for her but it is beyond my power to do and as yet I have found no other capable of it. Yet I must try. Is this a lesson from Slumbor about accepting fate the true way Master? That she is a perfect woman in so many ways but that which the world will see and about which she will care.

I am but a poor servant who cannot see my own way Master Ping, for if she must accept this fate then I am to poor a follower of Slumbor to do so. I must strive to find healing for her, and reverse what has been done, though our teachings say otherwise. My only answer is that I will accept the trade of fate. In return for my lack of faith I intend to grant her her wish of marriage if you, my Master, advise it so, so I have told her that I must await word from you.

Oh if only your reply to my last letter had already arrived! I chafe at the length of time it takes for our messages to reach one another. I have only just recieved your reply to my letter on the subject of Talen, and can assure you that I did indeed have more than a few chuckles at your clever arrangement of punning phrases on his name. To answer your questions, no indeed he is still alive, but what you suggested may still happen, though I maintain that water is the most likely alternative. For your second point I doubt it... though if Griffon can then so might he. Finally I believe he has gotten a little stronger, and intend to test it at the soonest opportunity.

Its a sad dog who cannot learn to catch the stick thrown at him.

I will be sure to follow your instructions regarding him Master Ping.

Your servant

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