Master Ping

I write to you now this day the First of June, to ask you why you did not warn me of the follies of evil women! I have determined that the pursuit of dreams may not always be the most directly served by impatient action. I know that we are told always to go with fate, but in this case it ended with nothing but a severe blow to the head.

He who thinks with his balls thinks not with his head

I confess that I was tempted by the beauty of an evil woman and allowd myself to succumb to her charms. I know such things are not forbidden by our temple but in this case it was truely the case, as it is said, that the fox was left in charge of the henhouse! I did indeed receive the reward of pleasure that I had sought, but its payback was violence and more crucially, nearly letting down my party. Oh why did I not think of this before!

My Dilemma, my Master, is that I acted with instinct, I did not plan or make actions to thwart fate, but went with the course of what would be. Is this not the teaching of blessed Slumbor? I was told when I was young that we must accept all things, but in this case it seems that one could not do so and remain in the right. Must we do so and accpet the taint of guilt to accept fate properly?

Your servant

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