InConcert — Live Tempo Adjustment for the Jack Audio Connection Kit


It's difficult for a band to use MIDI live. It generally requires that a MIDI click track be fed to the musicians... and the musicians must conform or be cast out. If there is an error (like a singer coming in early or the computer having a hitch), there's generally no means for recovery — you are dead.

InConcert is a MIDI-controlled application that allows a musician to control the tempo and synchronization of a MIDI sequence. It features a tap tempo to adjust the beat (and synchronize the beat) and the ability to skip beats or insert beats. It works by controlling the Jack Audio Connection Kit's transport. InConcert depends on Jack and ALSA, and therefore only runs on Linux.

For more information, see the README file.


InConcert is currently under development, and you are welcome to participate. Check out the source code and send me your patches. Check out the project with Git like this:

git clone git://

Or grab a snapshot:


Send bug reports to The BUGS file in the source code contains known bugs.