Solar House : Gryphus (The Griffon)

The prayers of Exorcism are used to banish and destroy the evil creatures of the Dark Gods, the devils and the unclean spirits. Ghosts and similar restless dead can also be returned to their resting places by the power of these prayers.

Banish (M/H) [ prayer/ritual, congregation, enhance cost ]

This prayer is used to drive off evil spirits. It is resisted by the spirit's IQ + ST vs. the Banish + Will of the Priest. The cost is equal ro the spirit's IQ + ST/3. If the spirit resists then the banishment can be maintained at 1/3 of the initial cost and recontested with +1 being added to the Priest's roll. This takes 2 seconds. The prayer takes 3 seconds to invoke the first time.

St. Akeru : 17th Trinity - St. Akur : 11th Quattuor

Exorcise (M/VH) (pre-req. Banish) [ ritual, congregation (limit 2/priest) ]

This prayer is like banish, but is used to drive out evil spirits that have possessed a man or animal. It is resisted by the IQ of the possessing spirit. If the subject has any will bonuses these are also added to the Priests's total. During the time the prayer is cast the subject must usually be physically restrained. Unless the Priest wins the Exorcise by at least 10 the spirit is not also Banished and can manifest if its capable of doing so. 3 hours, 6 fatigue

St. Akeru : 17th Trinity - St. Akur : 11th Quattuor - St. Alhedra : 21st Quinque

Call Spirit (M/VH) (pre-req. Exorcise 16) [ ritual, enhance ]

This prayer is the oposite of an exorcism, since it commands a spirit to come and speak with the priest. To command the spirit to come the Priest must call its name and invoke the prayer. If the prayer succeeds the spirit appears and the Priest may make a contest of wills with it. If successful the spirit will answer a number of questions from the Priest equal to how much they made the prayer by. A more powerful spirt, or that of someone long dead, is harder to call. If calling an evil spirit then it may try to resist, subtracting the result of a Will roll from the prayer. If a dead person's spirit is called then there is an extra -4 unless some physical remains are available. Gods, Dark Gods and Saints cannot be called in this way unless they wish to come.

Enhance : +1 Will on the contest for each -5

  modifier fatigue
spirit of the recently dead -0 4
spirit of the long dead -1/20 years 6
remains of the dead +4  
faerie -4 6
spirit of a dead pagan -12 6
evil spirit -6 9
demon or devil -will will
offering to an evil spirit +4 -4
sacrifice to an evil spirit +4 -4

St. Akeru : 17th Trinity - St. Etra : 16-20th Octem - St. Hugin : 2nd Septem - Asha

Abjure (M/H) (pre-req. Exorcise, and Banish at 15) [ prayer, enhance ]

This prayer is the physical eqiuivalent of Banish. Its utterance causes great harm to creatures of evil or the undead. 1-3 fat, 1 secs - for each point of energy the prayer does 1d damage to the target, who does not count armour of any kind as protection. This only works on creatures of evil.

Enhance : +1 fatigue and +1 dice of damage for each -6

St. Akur : 11th Quattuor - Asha

Cast Down (M/VH) (pre-req. Abjure at 16) [ ritual, enhance cost ]

This prayer can banish a creature of evil back to Hell. It is the most powerful abjuration against a devil or evil spirit. A devil sent back to the Dark God's hell by this prayer cannot return to the mortal world for seven years. To Cast Down a spirit the Priest must win a contest of Prayer + Will versus the IQ + ST of the spirit or devil. this contest takes 10 minutes. If the Priest wins then the creatue is cast down, if the Priest fails by 3 or less nothing happens, otherwise the Priest takes damage equal to the amount he lost the contest by. The cost equals IQ + ST / 2

St. Akur : 11th Quattuor - St. Aelfric : 12th Undecem