Speedy Gonzales

"ĦArriba! ĦArriba! ĦHija! ĦAndale-Andale-Andale! ĦOle-Ole-Ole! ĦAndale!"
"Hello Poosie-cat! You looking for a nice fat mouse for deener?"

Speedy Gonzales - The Fastest Mouse in ALL of Mexico

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PLEASE NOTE: Speedy Gonzales is a cartoon character, copyrighted by Warner Brothers.
To the best of my knowledge, all the stuff in these pictures and on these pages are purchased from WB or people/places licensed to sell WB, or from second-hand purchases unless otherwise noted. There are a few drawings/'toons that I have "goofed around with" but I won't lay claim to being the original artist! As to the cartoons and cels and all that, I've left that to the other pages unless I have them in my collection. I am dedicating my pages mostly to "Speedyabilia" of the three-dimensional kind.


Warner Brothers' cute little guy with speed, sass and smarts,
Speedy Gonzales has to be everybody's favorite mouse!!

I have, on these pages, pictures of my small collection of Speedy Gonzales.
I hope you enjoy browsing through it. There is a lot of Speedy out there: Dakin Dolls,
Salt and Pepper Shakers, Mugs, Cookie Jars, Chip & Salsa Dishes, Glasses, Clocks, PVC Figures, Pewter Collectibles, Ron Lee Sculptures, Plush Toys of all sizes, T-shirts, Window Clings, Magnets, Jewelry, Stickers, Pogs, Keychains, and the list goes on... I have some, but definitely not ALL that's available in Speedy.

Table of Contents

Jewelry, Magnets and Keychains
Figures (PVC, Pez, Kinder, etc.)
Ceramics (Cookie Jars, Mugs, Chip/Salsa, Glasses)
Pogs, Stickers, etc.
Wish List: Cute Stuff I Don't Have, But I Like :)

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